Lee Groombridge

Founder | MD | Non-Exec & Board Advisor
CEO Coach/Mentor | International NLP Trainer
Owner of Groombridge Group
Author of Get Resilience & Lucid Thrive Plan
Founder 7PM2™ Coaching & Mentoring

Founder NLPPrinciples™ Training & Consultancy

Certified NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer (INLPTA)
Accredited Professional of the Association of NLP (ANLP).
 Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology Coach (HNLP).

Lee Groombridge

Whenever you are ready here are 3 ways I can personally help you...

1-to-1 Personal
& Executive Coaching

As a certified psychology coach & NLP Master Practitioner, I use proven frameworks that allow us to identify and work through your personal & professional problems, issues or frustrations holding you back or causing you pain.

Business Consultancy
& Mentoring

With over a decade of experience starting, running and scaling companies I can provide you with shortcuts, guidance & knowledge on all aspects of business helping you with the things you don't know you don't know.

Board Advisory
& Non-Exec Director

With corporate governance and boardroom experience, knowledge of legal, financial and senior management challenges I bring a wealth of experience helping you focus 'on' the business by not operating 'inside' your business.

MY latest Book

Get Resilience : Let's Do It!

7 Steps for a Cool, Calm and Collected You.
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Lucid Thrive Plan

How to get clear on what you want, master you mindset and reverse engineer success.
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About Me

From Start-up Founder & CEO
to Professional Coach, Business Mentor & Advisor.

After a career managing the digital departments of a number of magazine publishing companies followed by 10 years starting and running an online advertising company it was time for me to make a change.

Armed with over a decade of hands-on business experience combined with a life-long passion for personal development the time was right to pivot my career towards this passion and start a venture teaching and helping people with their personal and professional journey via coaching and mentoring.

In 2019 I took some time away from the frontlines on business to concentrate on creating a unique style of coaching. I wanted to build a propriety methodology and style that combined the flexibility & mindful depth of personal development together with the logical and analytical rigour from executing business strategy. 

With this in mind I commenced my education into Advanced Humanistic Psychology coaching and Master Neuro Linguistic Programming. In 2020 I became a certified professional practitioner and psychology coach with over 200 hours of coaching. I now had the tools and experience to build my methodology and new brand of coaching. 7PM2™ and Lucid Thrive™ were born.  

I launched the Groombridge Group in late 2019 to facilitate a number of ventures that will not only allow me to positively impact people by bringing my coaching to the market but also provides a platform for partnerships, co-elevation and collaboration with others on the same mission.

Although 7PM2™ Coaching and Lucid Thrive ™ exists this does not mean I'm unavailable to help people in other ways they think I can bring them value. This is exactly why I have this particular website up so that it allows people the ability to contact me about engaging on a 1-to-1 basis whether that be on a personal basis or to assist their business.

Companies I have worked with

Some Partners & Clients

The last 20 years I have worked with some great partners and clients 

2006 > 2020 working history

Previous companies


Founding Senior Team

Founding member of a publishing company that scaled to £MM in 3 years and 150 staff. Eventually sold to Future Publishing.

2006 2010
Fill Counter

4 years

Think Clever Media
Content Ignite

Founder & CEO/FD

Co-founded the native internet advertising business that gained investment in 2017 and later restructured to be acquired in 2018.

2014 2018
Fill Counter

4 years

Lean Digital Media


Part of the C-Suite during an acquisition period in this B2B Digital Agency working closely with the Chairman reporting to the board. 

2018 2019
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1 years


COO & Seed Investor

Seed round investor of this Tech Start-up along with an interim period as the COO (EOS Integrator) to manage the finances, team & product.

2019 2020
Fill Counter

1 years


Founder & MD/FD

Co-founded an online advertising company that grew to a 7 figure T/O. The company gained investment in 2017 and later restructured.

2010 2020
Fill Counter

10 years

2020 > present

Coaching, Mentoring & Training
Founder, MD & Coach

7PM2™ provides Private and Confidential Premium Personal & Professional Coaching services specifically aimed at Business Owners & CEO's

It's extremely important that a leaders of a business is operating from a good, stable place mentally as their decisions can affect many people. This is why we concentrate on the leaders of a business to ensure maximum positive impact.

All too often conversations are directed at the health & wellbeing of 'Employees' or the 'Company'. For this reason 7PM2™ concentrates on the person with the most responsibility in the room and the one everyone needs to be well!

If you are a Business Owner or CEO feeling isolated and experiencing stress, burn-out or overwhelm within your business or personal life, our coaching is specially aimed at providing you the help you need to get your happiness back and get you back firing on all cylinders.

psychometrics psychology

Personal Character Traits & Preferences

If you use psychometric test results to see how people fit with you personally or in your teams below are some of mine. If you are not aware of what these tests are and would be interested in finding out what they all mean and maybe what your results would look like, feel free to get in touch.


Natural Action Taking Instincts

8 7 2 3

Fact Finder

Follow Through

Quick Start


Strategic Coach®


Able to help people simplify their complexity.
Perfect for collaboration with a Multiplier

Big 5 : OCEAN

Personal Traits






INFJ-A (Advocate)

I : Introverted
N: Intuitive

F : Feeling
J : Judging

A : Advocate 
Approach is with deep thoughtfulness and imagination.


Lead Behaviour is  'Clarity'

Takes charge & gets things done. Makes decisions & focuses on results.


Engages others and shares enthusiasm. Inspires and persuades others.

Is helpful and shows care for others. Looks for ways to assist and serve.

Works steadily and systematically. Focuses on order, accuracy and precision.


Personal Patterns

A thinker that uses insight & creativity to help others.

Friendly & amiable. Prefers close relations.

Enjoys expressing ideas & vision. Focuses on
future goals.

Enjoys chasing goals & works hard to succeed.



Integrator : 98%
Visionary : 87%

If you would like copies of the full reports please contact me and I will be happy to send them to you.

What I am like as a Personal Coach?

1-t0-1 Personal coaching: 
CERTIFIED NLP Practitioner

I have a life long passion for the psychology of self-development investigating what it takes to succeed practically but also mentally. For as long as I can remember I have consumed material about Stoicism, NLP and Personal Development. It is safe to say I've done well over my '10,000' hours in this field and fully embrace my enthusiasm sharing and providing value to people in this aspect of life.

In early 2020 I stepped it up a notch and turned an interest into a profession. In addition to years of study, researched and putting things into practice personally I became professional coach. After 200 hours of live coaching I qualified as a Certified Professional Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology Coach (HNLP) as well as becoming an Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner being accepted and accredited as a Professional Member of the NLP Practitioner of the Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP).

Although I can provide a traditional coaching experience I have developed my own style, methodology and framework which combines my 10 years leading businesses with these psychology qualifications. As a result this enables me to concentrate specifically on what 'you' want to achieve rather than prescribing an out of the box experience.

As a personal coach it really is about us gaining real insights into root cause issues and sticking points. Whether the issue is work based or personal we will work together to find the true issues or hurdles holding you back from how you want to be different to what you are now.

If you are interested in me coaching you to achieve your desired outcomes, it would be great to hear from you.

What I'm like as a Business Consultant & Mentor?

10+ Years as ceo, 
20+ years in management,
Scaled to 7 Figures & exited 

Having run companies now for over a decade I know only to well how hard it can be. When I was starting out initially with my co-founders we wanted to do it 'our' way and for a long time that worked, we built a successful business that earned money. But when we had to put that business in front of investors it was a reality check of being aware of not knowing what we didn't know. At that stage I immediately understood the role of a good business mentor.

Having experienced starting multiple companies, taking companies through quick growth and also steep declines I'm all too aware of the challenges you are facing as a business owner.

The companies I have worked in (and on) give me a solid background in the HR, operations and financial challenges that face companies in the agency world, web development studios, international magazine publishing, internet advertising, personal and corporate training and online assessment SAAS.    

I'm someone that has 'walked-the-walk' that can help in many ways. I can shorten learning curves, I can help identify problems that you are not seeing, in summary I'm the person that provides you with the ability to being aware of the things you don't know.

If you are a start-up founder looking for guidance or someone that run a business up to the £10M T/O and want a soundboard away from your current circle of influence it would be great to hear from you.

What I am like as a Board Advisor & 

Board ADVISORY / non-exec :
Experience as CEO, COO, CFO, 

The boardroom is no playground! When you get to this stage it more than likely means that you are a senior executive team representing investors and shareholders. Having been a part of a many boardroom experiences, it very apparent that having people around the table that were not clouded by the day-to-day working within the business was an important contribution to making a company thrive.
Having worked directly with great Non-Exec Chairman I gained a valuable insight into what support and steering non-execs and advisory board members can play. Beyond the boardroom the role can support the C-suite by providing contacts, being involved in networking to aid credibility, providing specialist knowledge to aid a business plan strategy.

My journey through investment and exiting from a business has also given me real world experience of how corporations can be best structured and financed as well as a fundamental understanding of legal proceedings with regards to contracts, shareholdings and share transactions.

The companies I have worked in (and on) give me a solid background to help with executive situations around management, HR, operations and financial challenges that face companies in the agency world, web development studios, international magazine publishing, internet advertising, personal and corporate training and online assessment SAAS.  

If you are interested in how my experience and knowledge could enhance your company or boardroom please get in touch to see if my experience would provide you and your business value.

What people say


Lee operates at a very high level. He's strategic and stoic as well as being someone who thrives on taking action. He lives and breathes integrity. I trust him and I enjoy time with him. Lee's one of those people who, put simply: you're better off for knowing.

Sam Dyer, 
Coach & Director, Raven Dragon 

Lee and I worked together through a very challenging transaction and I was taken aback by his unique and holistic approach to business. He’s not a maverick but a real game changer MD and leaves nothing to chance. Always inquisitive and keen to find out what he doesn’t know. Would definitely recommend and am looking forward to the next opportunity to work with him.

Andrew Pordage FCCA
PT FD & CFO, Regional Director The FD Centre

I've worked with Lee in quite a few businesses over the last 15 years and have to say he is an all round top man! His keen eye for detail, professional manner and personable nature make him a pleasure to work with. I'm sure our paths will cross again, as they have many times before!

James Hanslip, 
CEO, Lean Digital Media

Lee is an absolute inspiration. His vision and drive is a real guide on how to succeed in life. He has been instrumental in how I have forged my career and I owe a great deal to his advice and guidance which he gives unreservedly.
His sense of business and eye for detail has allowed him to reach the very top of his profession, influencing those around him and encouraging them to do well.
He balances all of this business acumen and professional work ethic with a wonderful personality.

Paul Hilton, 
Senior Lecturer, Bournemouth Arts University

It's been a real pleasure working with Lee over a period of 8 years. He is a real motivator with an infectious enthusiasm and ambition to drive projects to their successful completion. He is a dedicated perfectionist, his knowledge is vast and thorough but most of all his approachable and personable manner is what sets him apart from the many.

Stuart Dixon, 
Founder of Actio Digital |
The Ignited Man Podcast

If you're looking for a non-exec or a coach that will help you remove the blocks you have (wherever they are stemming from), with no fluff but data and iteration there is no one better than Lee. It’s that simple.

Lee Mallon, 
Founder of Rarely Impossible

It’s rare that you come across someone as driven to succeed as Lee. I had the pleasure of working with him for the last 13-14 years across three companies. An extremely strong background in driving process, finance and legal understanding with a creative mind and background in development. Lee is a complete professional, dedicated and passionate about business. A great person to have worked with!

Ben Spencer, 
COO, Lean Digital Media

I have the honour of knowing Lee for over 20 years. His level of awareness, sensitivity, care and intellect is what makes Lee such a fascinating person to know. I cannot imagine a single person that would not be able to comfortably connect with him and be fascinated from his insights. He is exceptionally astute. Its one thing a person being able to observe how and why you operate the way you do, but quite another for them to have the experience and skill to plan and facilitate the change you want to make in yourself.

Mike Barnett, 
Founder of Medialounge

The Groombridge group

"With integrity and co-elevation ensure leaders of today and tomorrow, those with the most responsibility and greatest impact on others, operate from a place of personal congruence and stability of mindset even faced with uncertain times."

As the Founder of the Groombridge Group, a modern day holding company for mission aligned ventures, the vision is to create a number of ventures and partner with a number of people to reach some ambitious goals.
Please visit the site to learn more and get in touch if this resonates with you. 

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